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The goal of this conference is to provide an international and interdisciplinary forum to promote a deeper understanding of diverse academic approaches to Sustainability Science and to discuss how to design a framework for integrating and structuring knowledge on Sustainability Science..

The conference has four primary objectives:
  1. Review and discuss the current status of the activities, goals and policies of the research networks on Sustainability Science, with special reference to the respective characteristics and future challenges, in order to promote mutual understanding between the networks.

  2. Identify differences and similarities between the networks and reaffirm the role of the network in Sustainability Science.

3. Discuss the scope for complementarities between the networks for effective collaboration.

4. Identify and prioritize specific follow-up activities and provide a networking opportunity for future collaboration among research networks, through the exchange of students and researchers, university-industry collaboration, and joint outreach to society.

In order to accomplish the above objectives, the conference provides short sessions in specific academic fields related to Sustainability Science to enable discussions among researchers in the same/similar academic field but from other institutions. Dialogue between researchers from different institutions is expected to promote the understanding of each institution. The tentative structure of the conference is to have a couple of plenary sessions and several parallel sessions in such fields as follows.

Track 1: Climate Change and Energy
  - Session 1: Climate Change
      - Session 2: Energy Sustainability

Track 2: Food, Water and Resources
      - Session 3: Food and Water
    - Session 4: Resource Circulation and Land Use

Track 3: Long-Term Scenario for Sustainable Society
    - Session 5: Resilience for Sustainable Ecosystem Management
    - Session 6: Integrative Scenario for Sustainable Society

Track 4: Sustainability Education
     - Session 7: Development of Doctoral Programs on Sustainability Science:
- Session 8: The Role of University in Society for Sustainability

Selected presentation will be invited to submit paper for the publication in the journal, Sustainability Science. Presentation materials will be made openly available through the IR3S web site.


 Detailed outline
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