A Programme for Navigating Knowledge at the ICSS Conference

The Story of this conference

The principle objective of the 7th ICSS conference is to feed into the High Level Political Forum of the UN SDG process.

We aim to create an output that showcases and maps the sustainability science of the Future Earth community – to support politicians charged with implementing the SDGs by giving them a navigation tool for using the relevant sustainability science.

Creating this output in an integrated manner is a challenge. Both the depth and breadth of sustainability science is needed to reveal the links and synergies in the work that is going on – and to relate it to the topics of the 2018 HLPF and the action that is urgently needed.

To do this well, we will bring 120 members of the community together to create a dynamic exchange of science around some of the priority topics for HLPF 2018. The program consists of two kinds of session – Depth and Navigation. The successful groups from the open calls for SDG Labs and Conference sessions provide the depth, and the Future Earth Knowledge-Action Networks assist with the navigation and creation of the output narrative.

All the attendees at the 7th ICSS Conference are expected to be active participants, using the feedback system during sessions, generating dynamic conversations about how to map their own science into the output narratives and how to present multiple areas of research to politicians seeking clarity, knowledge and advice.

Representatives from the SDG Labs, showcased on the first day, with provide the focus on action – to which the science must relate. In this way, the Conference will result in a number of narratives about Transformative Pathways that bring knowledge to action – and that map the groups whose work inform these narratives.