A Nexus Approach: Enabling Self-Sustained Communities in Food, Water and Energy


There have been significant attempts for sustainable transformation of food systems (e.g. hydroponics), water systems (e.g. recycling) and energy systems (e.g. renewables). In these sectoral approaches, the interlinkages between the three systems are often overlooked. The interlinkages provide opportunities, and challenges, for simultaneous progress on various SDGs and for delivering cross-sectoral transformative impacts.

Our lab will identify socio-technical innovations that maximise synergies and minimise trade-offs across the three systems for their sustainable transformation. The scope of analysis will be our university campus: what circular systems need to be established on the campus, and what fundamental changes in practices need to occur, in order to close the loops across the three systems? The outcomes will provide a model for campus sustainability, and guide policy and planning for enabling self-sustained communities in bigger and broader scales.

The lab will run in July 2017 in Melbourne, Australia.

Monash Sustainable Development Institute, Monash University
Melbourne, Australia