Arts & Crafts Panarchy Power


Rural communities are lagging behind developments in cities. Major problems in rural communities in the developed and developing world are population decline and demographic change, educational deficit and lagging innovation in (small) enterprises. This together results in low employment opportunities for local people and declining self-esteem. This lab will solve the problem of educational deficit and lack of innovation in SME’s in rural areas which will eventually result in rural areas which are a better place to live and work. This lab will address transformation topics: “short-food- supply chains” which will enhance connectivity between urban consumer and rural farmer and “traditional biobased materials, new applications” which will address the topic of traditional knowledge applied for 21 st century challenges and “sustainable city” which will address inclusive redevelopment of lagging urban environment. The common theme of these transformations is how to use systemic creativity for fostering game changing innovations.

Research Group Art & Sustainability, Hanze University of Applied Sciences, Minerva Art Academy Netherlands