Lusaka 2021- What if we all lived downstream?


Lusaka, the capital city of Zambia, has been experiencing frequent and more widespread urban flooding. When I started documenting urban floods in Lusaka 6 years ago, the flooding was largely restricted to poor unplanned settlements around the city. However, in the last 2 years and particularly this year, floods have been reported across the entire city including the central business district. This trend seems to coincide with the rapid development of shopping malls and housing estates around the city.



The goal of the lab is to identify flood high risk areas around the city and to find ecologically sustainable and cost effective solutions. To pilot the solutions in at least 4 priority sites around the city and to provide a platform for citywide co-learning and co-innovation. Addressing urban flooding and flood risk mitigation directly addressed SDG 6 AND SDG 11 and has the potential for scaling up nationalwide.

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