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Organized by Integrated Research System for Sustainability Science (IR3S), The University of Tokyo and Vietnam National University, Hanoi
Co-organized by Asian Institute of Technology Vietnam (AITVN) and United Nations University

Uraban Rural -Transportation- Session:

Future of Urban Transport and Urban Form for Sustainable Asia -beyond TOD and EV

In Asian nations, with remarkable economic growth and rapid urbanization brought by the population migration from rural to urban, it is estimated that a large number of mega-cities with the population of over 10 million will continue to emerge in the future. Along with rapid urbanization, the expansion of the wealthy class has led to the fast motorization, which might be one of the reasons that account for the disordered urban expansion. To cope with the urban expansion and ever-increasing traffic congestion, the development the transportation infrastructure is indispensible. However, the infrastructure development requires a long period of time.
Though Transit Oriented Development (TOD) is a widely accepted concept for achieving the sustainable urban development in the long term, there are very few successful examples in the cities where motorization are still in progress. Particularly, the difficulties in funding usually impede the development of the large-scale transport infrastructure like urban railways. On the other hand, with the advent of the private transport with low-carbon emission such as electric vehicles (EV), and the implementation of the smart grids, it is possible to greatly reduce the GHG emissions from automobile in the near future, which turns out that urban rail might not be the only solution to sustainable urban transport.
For Asian nations, considering the social background and the trend of technology development, new concepts, which are different from TOD practiced in the developed countries, is required to achieve sustainable urban transport. In this session, a thorough discussion focused on the sustainable transport system and urban form in the context of Asian cities will be carried out. This session is scheduled to have four presentations and a panel discussion.


March 3 (Thu)

   Introduction of this session (5mins)
   Dr. Tetsuo SHIMIZU
Dept. of Civil Engineering, The University of Tokyo, Japan PDF
13:35-14:35 Presentations (12mins×5)
   Impact of urban rail transit on urban development in Metro Manila
   Dr. Crispin Emmanuel D. DIAZ,
School of Urban and Regional Planning, University of the Philippines, the Philippines PDF

   Future of motorcycle transport in Vietnam
Dr. Khuat Viet Hung
Institute of Transport Planning and Management, Vietnam PDF

   Urban Structure and Transport Mode of Mega-city Shanghai: relationship and evolution
Dr. Chao YANG,
School of Transportation Engineering, Tongji University, China

   Electric vehicle and smart grid in developing countries: their vision and possibility
Dr. Ta Cao Minh  
Dept. of Industrial Automation, Hanoi University of Sciences & Technology, Vietnam

Dr. Vu Anh Tuan
Institute for Transport Policy Studies, Japan

Panel Discussion (55min): managed by Tetsuo SHIMIZU

Concluding Comments (5min)
Dr. Yiping LE
Intergraded Research System for Sustainability Science, The University of Tokyo, Japan



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